True love is elusive, she said, sometimes I think it’s as rare as a red moon on a cloudless night. Michael Faudet (via michaelfaudet)

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repeat after me

if a bi, pan, or asexual person dates someone of the opposite gender


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Some thoughts about MESA regionals:

• Reason #452 why Jarely will be one of my best friends until the end of time:
(upon the subject of “chasing a bear”)
“… A bear is ferocious and brown!”
“What? Isn’t the bear… Clear?”
“What? No, Jarely, what are you talking about?”
“Aren’t we talking about farts?!”
• Santa Cruz is a town frozen in the age of McCarthyism and even with my brown skin and sharp criticism I think it’s for me.
• The green light exists.
• I will never understand why Tommy chose to hang out with us. It makes me happy and sad at the same time.
• Lazer tag is legendary. And I’m better than Kyle at it so IN YO FACE!
• Kissing faces are gross. But that’s unavoidable.
• I am done with pizza for at least three months.
• My friendship with Nikachu is sacred and now, more than ever, I will be there for him. (Also I feel bad for making him the third wheel all weekend)
• Reason #453 why Jarely will be one of my best friends until the end of time:
late night ramblings about anything and everything in a hotel room after you both have snuck out to the guys’ room to watch Boondocks Saints and being too exhausted to stay there.
• I am perpetually humbled by that math test.
• I have to work on my overestimation and underestimation of people; the sharpest of minds will shock you with her tears of frustration and the dullest of looks are the ones going to Stanford on a Biology major.
• UCSC is beautiful beyond beautiful. There’s a sort of romanticism that pervades the cool forest air and I want to wrap myself in it for as long as I can.
• After those revelations, I can only conclude that our relationship is awkwardly right.
• Martin + Paulina = ship I will go down with
• I will never be that kind of adult who doesn’t give teenagers a chance to be taken seriously.
• Although we didn’t place at regionals, I love my math team. They make me feel needed and important, and I can only hope that even through college we still know each other’s names.
• The future is bright.

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and how gross is it that the only thing that could make barney decent was the one thing robin could have never given him?

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